New Holland Tractors New Holland TD3.50

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New Holland Tractors New Holland TD3.50

Geesbrug, Nederland


New Holland TD3.50 TRADITIONAL SIMPLICITY. MODERN EFFICIENCY New Holland has a long and rich tradition of producing efficient and reliable tractors. The TD3.50 tractor was designed and built to meet the demand for a well-designed, reliable workhorse. It has a 48 hp rated power output, ROPS platform and 4WD and is economical, easy to maintain and easy to drive. All this combined with a wide range of options, high levels of performance in the field and yard and a low cost of ownership. TD3.50: value for money and increased productivity for your farm. EXTREMELY VERSATILE New Holland has unparalleled expertise in the design and development of small tractors. The TD3.50 model is ideal for use with small-scale farms and livestock farmers and has all the features to meet the needs of small estates, municipalities and greenhouses. LOWER COSTS. UNADULTERATED VALUE


FabrikantNew Holland Traktoren