Husqvarna front mowers

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Husqvarna front mowers

Geesbrug, Nederland


Husqvarna front mowers The front mowers of Husqvarna are equipped with a mowing deck at the front, with a low cutting profile. This gives you an excellent overview of the working area and allows you to mow very accurately. You can also mow under fences, bushes, benches, etc. without any problems. Even sloping terrain is no hindrance. Thanks to the low centre of gravity and the high-quality AWD (four-wheel drive) system, the robotic mower remains stable on slopes and tedges. A wide range of mower decks and accessories makes your front mower extremely versatile all year round. Thanks to the high-quality Combideck pressed out of a single metal plate, both mulching and ejection at the rear run smoothly and the results are perfect. The Husqvarna front mower is ergonomically designed and easy to use. For example, the special service position of the mower deck makes it easier to carry out maintenance or cleaning work.