Husqvarna riders

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Husqvarna riders

Geesbrug, Nederland


Husqvarna riders The combination of control, comfort and efficiency not only makes your work easier, you also enjoy the ride! It is not easy to find a place that the Husqvarna Rider cannot reach. Thanks to the wide range of accessories and a built-in choice of mowing method, you can tackle all kinds of jobs with your ride-on mower. The Rider is ideal for the efficient maintenance of your lawn and all kinds of other tasks that need to be done in your yard throughout the year. There is also a suitable Husqvarna Rider for you. Our range includes everything for professional use, as well as smaller machines suitable for your own garden. Regardless of which model you choose, you will always have the real Rider features: articulated steering, front deck and a comfortable seat. The Husqvarna Rider's unique steering system allows the rear wheels to rotate underneath the machine.